Announcing the launch of the SOPHE Knowledge Center

The National Society for Public Health Education has announced the launch of the “SOPHE Knowledge Center” (SKC), which will provide a consistent, efficient way for health education professionals to access materials relevant to their field and provide evidence-based support for positive changes in health, health policy, research, and/or practice. SKC is an interactive system that will catalogue ongoing research, archive reports and other products, and capture information regarding evidence-based practice and generation of new evidence based on research results.

This system will enable users worldwide to submit customized searches and retrieve information relevant for guiding their work. Moreover, by closely tracking the use of knowledge and its application, the system can better monitor the effectiveness of health education action and identify emerging priorities for future research.

Click here to enter the SOPHE Knowledge Center, learn more about the benefits of participating, and to join this online learning community.

The following video explains how to register for and navigate the SKC: