Southern California Society for Public Health Education (SC SOPHE) members work in a variety of professions in many different settings and come from all over Southern California. Read on to find out more!

What is a health education specialist?

A health education specialist teaches behaviors that promote wellness. They develop and implement strategies to improve the health of individuals and communities.

Health education specialists offer knowledge, skills and training that complements the work of others — health care providers, policy makers, and human resource personnel.

Health educations specialists:

  • Assess the health needs of people and communities.
  • Develop programs, materials and events to teach people about health topics or manage health conditions.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of programs and educational materials.
  • Help people find health services or information.
  • Provide training programs for other health professionals or community health workers.
  • Advocate for improved health resources, policies, procedures and services that promote health.
  • Collect and analyze data to learn about a particular community to improve programs and services.
  • Supervise staff who implement health education programs.

Where do health education specialists work?

  • Healthcare facilities, hospitals and clinics
  • State, county, and public health departments
  • Schools and universities
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Businesses and industries

Health education specialist employment is expected to grow by 12 percent from 2014-2024. Growth is driven by efforts to improve health and reduce healthcare costs. U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics 21-1091 Health Educators.


What types of jobs do SC SOPHE members have?

In addition to health educators, we have many members who are students, professors, researchers, consultants, and more.

Where do SC SOPHE members work?

Our members work in a variety of different settings including hospitals, clinics, local, county, and state health departments, health insurance companies, nonprofits, schools/universities, social assistance and social advocacy organizations, and private businesses.

Where do SC SOPHE members live?

We welcome members from all over Southern California including counties as far north as San Louis Obispo and Kern and as far south as San Diego and Imperial. Below is a map showing all counties in our geographic area.

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