SOPHE is dedicated to promoting and advancing the expertise and impact of health education.

As a membership organization, SOPHE works with its members and partners to impact health through the skills and capacities of health education and health promotion.

SOPHE has crafted a revised strategic plan for 2021-2025 that reflects its core values.

  1. Strengthen health education and promotion capacity to achieve health equity by providing pre-service and in-service development opportunities and increasing the diversity of the profession; and expanding leadership development to include anti-racism training that ensures an infrastructure for equity and inclusion.
  2. Advance health education and promotion pedagogy, practice and research by Increasing the reach and impact of SOPHE’s peer-reviewed journals; and promoting emerging and promising areas for health education research, practice, and pedagogy, with a focus on scientific gaps that address social determinants of health.
  3. Promote and advocate for health-equity enhancing systems and policies by strengthening advocacy impact and effectiveness to address health promotion, prevention, and health equity priorities; and increasing public and partner knowledge and support for the profession of health education and promotion as leaders in health equity.
  4. Support operational excellence to achieve the greatest public health impact possible by strengthening SOPHE’s operational performance practices; and ensuring organizational policies and procedures that promote anti-racism and advance health equity.

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