Greetings from your local SOPHE family,

During the past year, our chapter has made significant gains, and as we continue to grow, I’d like to share with you some activities we have been working on and planning for in the upcoming year.

However, all this is meaningless without you, the local chapter member. You are the driving force and your involvement is instrumental.  To become more involved, take these steps:

Step 1.  Join our chapter or renew your membership!

Benefits include:

  • Professional networking
  • MCHES/CHES continuing education units
  • Discounted rates on professional training
  • Access to our Job Board
  • Guest Speaker Presentations/webinars
  • Mentoring
  • Professional Growth
  • Informational Website and Social Media Sites

Step 2.  Use the Website! – Each one of us has a unique set of health education skills or would like to gain more skills.  We encourage you to use this site for an exchange of ideas and learning opportunities. Browse the news section of our site to stay informed, submit your own news, or contact us to share what you know or want to learn.

In summary, your local SOPHE chapter is hard at work planning for this year’s continuing education activities, information sharing and networking opportunities.  With your support we can make Southern California SOPHE a great place to enhance the field of Health Education. For local chapter happenings and upcoming please visit our website and social media sites


Laura Chandler, DrPH
Southern California SOPHE President