Greetings from your local SOPHE family,

During the past year, our chapter has conducted an extensive search for a new chapter President. My deepest thank you to our chapter’s National SOPHE House of Delegates representative, Josephine Lara, MPH, CHES®, who graciously held down the fort during the search! Now that we are back on track, we are busy planning activities including webinars where members can obtain continuing education credits, volunteer days, sharing National SOPHE resources, preparing quarterly newsletters, recruiting new members, actively posting on social media, and updating our website.

However, all this is meaningless without YOU, the local chapter member. You are the driving force and your involvement is instrumental.  To become more involved, take these steps:

Step 1.  Join our chapter or renew your membership!

Benefits include:

  • Professional networking
  • Community volunteer opportunities
  • MCHES/CHES continuing education units via virtual events
  • Discounted rates on professional training
  • Access to our Job Board
  • Mentoring
  • Professional Growth
  • Informational Website and Social Media Sites
  • Letters of recommendation for those serving in Board Positions

Step 2.  Use the Website! – Each one of us has a unique set of health education skills or would like to gain more skills.  We encourage you to use this site for an exchange of ideas and learning opportunities. Browse the news section of our site to stay informed, submit your own news, or contact us to share what you know or want to learn.

Step 3. Let us know if you have an idea for a continuing education event, want to offer to present a webinar in your area of interest, have an idea for a place to volunteer our time as a chapter, or if you have job postings you’d like to submit to our job board. We are also looking for new board members including a website chair, job boards chair, and membership chair! Reach out if you would like to learn more about each position’s duties and the time commitment.

In summary, your local SOPHE chapter is hard at work planning for this year’s continuing education activities, information sharing and networking opportunities. With your support we can make Southern California SOPHE a great place to enhance the field of Health Education. For local chapter happenings and upcoming please visit our website and social media sites


Shanna Livermore, MPH, MCHES, FRSPH, MHFA
Southern California SOPHE President